Your Community Directory Service.   

Mission Statement

Our goal is to build stronger communities by offering convenient, economical ways to connect people to businesses and create an environment for business growth.

Our Vision

Our vision is to provide the public a community search engine that will:

Offer convenience and savings to the consumer and merchant.
Connect consumers to businesses in their respective communities.
Grow businesses through the use of customized eCommerce tools
Serve to improve businesses by offering an economical way to obtain web presence with an
eCommerce platform, as well as removing the need for a unique URL address (
Lead businesses to reach consumers on a community-wide, national and global scale.

About Us is creating a paradigm shift in the way online users search the Internet. By providing consumers the convenient means to locate businesses in their own community, we in turn stimulate growth within the business communities. Since 1997, has followed the industry's quest for competent, electronic commerce functionality and now provides the solution for maximum efficiency and a user-friendly interface between businesses and the consumer.

We start by offering the merchant a user-friendly eCommerce system (eStore) with electronic tools (eTools), which we developed to be the most simple and convenient eTools available. eStore includes an administrative management system based on word processing-type editing that allows even a novice to easily operate his or her own administration section. We provide convenience for the consumer by placing businesses in each community under one centralized search engine.

Our corporate values are based on trust, respect, honesty, and service. We maintain these values in all we do, thus creating a level of integrity that is passed onto our customers.

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